Handling domestic violence in a safe and serious manner.

Domestic Violence is an insidious problem in our culture. Every day millions of people experience physical and emotional abuse from an intimate partner or family member. Domestic violence occurs when a family member, household member, co-parent or person with whom you have a dating relationship commits an act of domestic violence. Under New Jersey law these acts of domestic violence can include assault, criminal mischief, harassment, terroristic threats, sexual assault and criminal trespass.

A victim of domestic violence may seek a restraining order against the individual who has committed an act of domestic violence against them. This process may result in both a temporary restraining order proceeding and then, if a temporary restraining order is issued, a proceeding to obtain a final restraining order.

Domestic violence proceedings have serious implications for both the victim as well as the person accused of committing domestic violence.  Our office handles domestic violence cases and has worked with pro bono domestic violence organizations in both Hunterdon and Mercer County.

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