Safeguarding your ability to provide for your children.

Just as every family is unique, each family faces its own unique challenges when it comes to covering the costs of raising children. When parents divorce, separate, or disagree on the best way to provide for their kids, the law is there to present fair and dependable assistance.  

At Fraser Family Law Office, we help families work through the confusion and frustration that can accompany child support matters to identify practical, simple financial solutions. Child support is a critical element of many family law matters, yet it comes with many questions. Consider the expenses involved with caring for children on a daily basis that go beyond providing basic food and a warm place to sleep: daycare, babysitters, sports and extracurricular activities, health insurance, clothing and shoes, school supplies. Who is responsible for these costs? 

At the center of all the questions are your children. Our first priority is safeguarding their future, and, through mediation or, if necessary, litigation, we will help you and your parent partner arrive at an agreement that makes that possible. 

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We Assist clients with:

  • Support between non-married individuals
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Child emancipation
  • Interstate child support disputes (UIFSA)
  • Post-judgement modifications