Compassionate and thoughtful discussion for pre-marital agreements.

Deciding to enter into a pre-marital agreement (also called a pre-nuptial agreement) is a very private and personal decision that should involve sensitivity and personal care by an attorney to safeguard what should be a happy and carefree time in a couple’s life.  Pre-marital agreements can help make future spouses and their families comfortable in entering into a marriage and establish the rights of both parties in the event of the termination of their marriage or the death of either party.  These agreements should involve a thoughtful and detailed discussion of the specific concerns and needs of the parties. We can help in the negotiation, drafting and review of these sophisticated agreements. 

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We Assist clients with:

  • Drafting pre-marital agreements
  • Defend or invalidate pre-marital agreements
  • Assist you in litigating the validity of the pre-marital agreement
  • Assist you in drafting a post-nuptial agreement to protect your assets