Protecting what truly matters — your children.

When the core makeup of a family unit changes, one of the biggest challenges is determining child custody and parenting time. No parent wants to feel helpless when it comes to their freedom to have a relationship with their children, which is why choosing skilled, compassionate legal representation to advocate for your rights is of utmost importance.

At Fraser Family Law Office, we become your dedicated partner in navigating your child custody matter from start to final resolution. We take the time to ensure you fully understand the legal system and laws that govern the custody process. Then it's our turn to listen, as we gain an in-depth understanding of your personal situation, your concerns, and consideration's about your children's best interests. 

Our goal is to remove fear from the experience so you can focus on finding the ideal solution for your children, whether through mediation or, ultimately, litigation. Put the future of your loved ones in our hands and know that while today might feel difficult, a bright tomorrow, in which your children are surrounded by trust and support, is around the corner.

Want to learn more about your options for child custody? Call us today to schedule a consultation.

We Assist clients with:

  • Physical custody (who the children reside with)
  • Legal custody (who makes healthcare and welfare decisions)
  • Parenting plan development
  • Modification of custody or parenting time plans
  • Trial use of custody evaluations and expert witness
  • Issues of neglect or abuse, including drug, alcohol, physical and sexual
  • Interstate custody disputes (UCCJEA) and international child abduction