The Top Reasons You Should Mediate Your Divorce Case

  1. Cost-Effective: Recent statistics from the American Bar Association indicate that mediating your divorce case will cost you 40-60% less than litigating your divorce case;
  2. It’s Better for Your Children: Mediation avoids your children being involved in the divorce litigation, reduces the overall stress on the family and allows your children to see their parents cooperating;
  3. More Control over the Discussion and Process: The parties can control the issues that they address with the mediator and prioritize in what order they address them;
  4. Faster than Going to Court: Litigated divorce cases can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to be finalized and are still subject to appeals and further litigation. Mediation can accomplish the amicable resolution of your divorce case in a matter of weeks or months;
  5. Greater flexibility Regarding Scheduling: Unlike litigation where you are subject to a rigid court calendar and mandatory court appearances, in mediation the parties can schedule mediation sessions at their convenience, taking in to consideration work and family obligations;
  6. A More Confidential Process: Unlike the publicly filed case documents and public oral arguments made in litigated cases, the majority of your mediated case remains completely confidential;
  7. Attention to Your Case: A mediator can give a lot of individual attention to the details and needs of your specific case;
  8. Greater Post-Divorce Stability: The good will and cooperation that is built during mediation can help parties avoid acrimony post-divorce.

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