Readiness: Stepping Into a New Beginning.

This year I realized that I was ready for a new beginning. That new beginning was the creation of my own law practice after many years in private practice. New beginnings can be scary and filled with anxiety. They require us to step into the unknown. What I realize from my personal experience, and in my work as a family lawyer helping others, is that in order to step into a new beginning you have to be ready to face uncertainty and change. Some of us choose to step into a new beginning for ourselves, while others get forced into it by circumstance; tragedy, painful endings, betrayals, or crisis.  But either way, we all have to become “ready,” at some point to face a new beginning.

Artists, poets and writers have spoken to this sense of readiness as an openness to life and to the unknown. The poet and theologian John O’Donahue eloquently wrote that “often when something is ending we discover within it a spore of new beginning, and a whole new train of possibility is in motion before we even realize it. When the heart is ready for a fresh beginning, unforeseen things can emerge.”

In my work I see a lot of endings and walk with a lot of people during the most uncertain times in their lives.  But I also see the opening that endings offer; the cracking open that being broken or hurt can create. It can be an awakening. It can be an invitation back to who you really are and who you want to be. Endings can offer the opportunity to stop and assess the direction you are going in and invite you to consider new possibilities.

In writing on new beginnings, John O’Donahue asked the question “what is the new horizon in you waiting to be seen?” We can only answer that question when we step forward into the unknown and into the invitation of a new beginning.

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